Law Enforcement and Military Programs

Fit & Well

We provide support services for being “Mentally Fit and Physically Well” This is our first run series in the hopes of helping people maintain healthy lifestyles and goals!


In 2018, the NYS Troopers Surgeons Group requested our participation in aiding their members and families. Since then, we have provided services for them and created programs to meet their needs.


We work with many local vet centers and VA referral sources throughout New York State. We offer individual sessions and groups specifically for military members and their families for a variety of issues.


Clients are discouraged from having the therapist subpoenaed. Therapist will only testify their professional opinion and to the facts of the case.

MTA PBA Peer Program

The MTA PBA and Calm Seas Psychotherapy will be working together to form a new peer program and referral service for their members and families.