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Goal Setting

Is the New Year cliche?

The start of the New Year can be full of lots of messages to set new goals and achieve new accomplishments. This can be overwhelming and adds pressure to areas of life we may want to see change and growth. So how do you take the good in and leave out the bad? How can you use this fresh new year as a jumping off point for growth and change in your life? Is there a way to see past the “new year new me” cliches? Yes, you certainly can!

Advantage of a fresh start

There are certainly advantages to having a fresh start mentality to setting new goals and working on growth in the new year. Research has shown that there are in fact differences in commitment to change when people start new resolutions or plans at turning points in their life, such as a new year. According to one study from UPenn, looking at “certain days as opportunities for a fresh start may help people make choices that maximize their odds of achieving their aspirations”. Using the New Year as an opportunity to mark a date to start fresh can certainly help propel you further towards growth and change.


How to set attainable goals

  1. Start with a list of things you accomplished in the last year. Even if it is a short list, start out by reminding yourself of what you’re capable of. Remember, quality over quantity!
  2. Identify your priorities. Start by naming what matters most to you, then your perspective will be tuned into the important things.
  3. Pinpoint small goals first. Once you get some smaller or more simple goals crossed off first, it will be easier to maintain momentum in accomplishing medium and large size goals.
  4. Pace yourself. Although it’s tempting to run full steam into your goals, pacing yourself so you do not burn out too quickly will help you actually finish a goal or task as opposed to giving up half way through.
  5. Remind yourself of your “whys”. Why are you making this change or setting this goal? Is is to help your family? Your career? Your finances? Your personal fulfillment? There are a number of great reasons to work towards your goals, remind yourself of them! Something as simple as a post it note on the bathroom mirror could be just enough of a reminder to keep you on track.

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