Maureen Kelly


Maureen is a licensed master social worker in New York State with a professional background in human services, education, health care, and fitness. She is committed to helping others understand that self-love, healing, and growth are possible despite the most painful, life-changing, and darkest moments one can experience. 

Maureen understands the personal sacrifices, challenges, and complexities inherent in law enforcement, corrections, and military service through lived experience with family members.

Maureen views her life’s work and service to others as her ministry.  She holds unconditional positive regard for her clients and builds upon their strengths and collaboration to support positive and healthy outcomes.


  • M.S.W. Stony Brook University
  • B.A. psychology (studio art) Nazareth University (Rochester)
Additional Training
  • Family Development Credential (Cornell University)
  • Mandated Reporter Training
  • Spinning Instructor Training
Professional Activities and Memberships
  • Phi Alpha Honor Society (Phi Theta Chapter)
Supervised by: Jennifer Johnston LCSWR, Sr. Supervisor 
“The most peaceful people that I know, and the wisest people I know, are the ones who have created enough internal space to be able to allow all the parts of themselves to co-exist despite the contradictions. So, they have room for their creativity, but they also have room for their fear. They have room for their dignity, they also have room for their shame. They have room for the parts of themselves that are glorious, divine, and wonderful, and they have room for the parts of themselves that are petty, jealous and ridiculous. They create this big, huge auditorium of a landscape inside themselves. They don’t kick any parts out because guess what, you can’t.”
~Elizabeth Gilbert