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Power & Control Program

Four-Tiered Program

Domestic violence cases have risen and access to mental health services has decreased due to COVID-19 and the resulting quarantine and continued social distancing. Calm Seas Psychotherapy, LCSW, PLLC sees the immediate need for changes in domestic violence treatment and believes our well-developed telehealth platform is the perfect solution. The clinicians at Calm Seas Psychotherapy both separately and collectively have over 30 years of experience, making our team leaders in the forefront of domestic violence treatment. Calm Seas Psychotherapy, LCSW, PLLC has begun a dynamic evidence-based four-tiered Telehealth program geared to addressing these issues along with fatherhood skills and healthy relationships. The program would hold perpetrators accountable for their actions and address their violent and/or aggressive behaviors. It would also focus on addressing the underlying causes for violent and aggressive behaviors. It would work to nurture and build the skills needed for healthy relationships and parenting skills, to stop the cycles of abuse and neglect. While also addressing the intergenerational development of these behaviors.

We have also become an elite training facility for candidates in the social work and psychology fields who are dedicated to giving back to our law enforcement community.

Tier 1: Abusive Intervention Program

32 Weeks

  • The roots of fathering.

  • Nurturing ourselves/our children.

  • Discipline without violence.

  • Managing anger/resolving conflict.

  • Teamwork with spouse/partner.

  • Balancing work and fathering.

  • Communication and problem-solving.

Tier 2: The Nurturing Fatherhood Program (NFP)

13 Weeks

  • Learn appropriate behaviors.
  • Process past relationships and traumas.
  • Address power and control issues.
  • Discover reasons for actions and beliefs.
  • Obtain emotional growth. 

Tier 3: Marriage and Co-Parenting Group (MA & PA)

10 Weeks

  • Focused on healthy relationships.

  • Relationship building.

  • Balanced and healthy family dynamics.

  • Strong communication and appreciation.

  • Explore and develop parenting styles in collaboration.

  • Partners learn about themselves and each other. 

Tier 4: Support Group


  • For both perpetrators and their partners, together and separately.

  • Solidify changes made.

  • Maintain better choices and behavior. 

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