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About Calm Seas

Calm Seas Psychotherapy was created in 2019 by our CEO/Founder Sharon Prager’s previous company “Heal Safe Incorporated”. Heal Safe was predominantly a trauma-focused private practice centered on working with military members and their families. As the need for clinicians in the law enforcement and military culture grew, so did the clinical staff at Heal Safe- now “Calm Seas Psychotherapy”. We began to focus our research, skills, and outreach to mainly serve these populations.

As we grew, we established strong relationships with the New York State Troopers, the NYPD, Suffolk County PD, Nassau County PD, NYFD, and many other law enforcement agencies in our local areas. We have recently been directly sought to aid other states such as Alaska and Florida with Law Enforcement clinical services.

Our staff includes seasoned clinical supervisors who come from a military or law enforcement background themselves or have experienced law enforcement or military culture from direct first-hand experience with family and friends. We have many years of experience working with trauma in the field and understand how repetitive trauma affects not only the member but the member’s family.

Our experience and research has led us to become a teaching institute known as “Calm Seas Integrative Services”. We now teach and lead clinical staff from Stony Brook, Columbia, NYU, Boston, Buffalo and Sacred Heart Universities allowing us to build an elite force of clinicians who want to serve our blue families.

The integrative services also allow us to help with each individual officer by offering a lifelong “Life Line” to Calm Seas. We have begun an experiential program that integrates different pillars of well-being to include nutrition, physical activities, and mental agility. These programs allow the officer a constant contact from resources that are supportive in nature throughout their career. The ultimate in resiliency.

For each command, we are offering education in trauma and preventive services so the command can have the support they need in making referrals. This allows support for help mental health programming from within to satisfy the current call for “Reform and Outside Interventions”

The long-term goal of Calm Seas as a whole is to support our Law Enforcement families from the start of their careers (DAY ONE) until they retire and move into the next phase of their lives. We are here to help through and prevent the long-term effects of trauma, addiction, divorce, and suicide.

At Calm Seas we believe that intervention and supportive services can prevent many of the long-term issues that typically arise during an officer’s career in the field. We believe that our combined years of service in this field can help see you all through and give you that extra armor needed not just to survive but thrive.

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Calm Sea’s office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and our Clinicians hours vary

T: (888) 975-CALM

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