Reduce stress - Calm Seas PsychotherapyHave you ever felt when you were trying to explain a stressful event to a friend, and they just didn’t grasp how you felt? Or a time where you thought, “all this stress takes too much time from my life”? It is a normal thing to be stressed or have stressors. The important thing is that you need to know when to take a minute or 10 for yourself to reduce stress.

  1. First, recognize that you are doing your best, and some days may be more stressful than others.
  2. Keep a journal and write about the things in your life that have been positive.
  3. You can also write your own positive affirmations. A favorite of mine, “I am becoming better with each day.” It is easy to get mixed into negative thoughts, so having a place you can turn to and read can help re-adjust yourself.
  4. Practice relaxation techniques. Relaxation techniques can be a great way to decrease stress and create a new hobby; you never know! Some of the benefits of relaxation techniques are, lowering blood pressure, improving digestion, increasing blood flow, improving sleep quality, reducing stress, and even boosting confidence.

One example of a relaxation technique is Visualization. Where you may form mental images to go to a calm, peaceful place with your mind. To relax using visualization, try to incorporate all of your senses (smell, sight, sound, and touch). Take a minute to pretend you are on a beach relaxing. Can you smell the saltwater? Or hear the waves and birds chirping? Can you feel the sun on your skin? Do you see the clouds or fish in the ocean? After sitting there and trying this technique, how did that make you feel?

To learn more techniques and managing anxiety and reducing stress, reach out for an appointment to make a change today!

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