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When you hear the term Social Media what comes to mind? Some potential thoughts could be the enjoyment of connecting with others, the stress of posts or “likes,” stereotypes, and over-usage. In a world where technology is so popular and readily available, it is important to set boundaries with time spent on social media. It is easy to get lost in the virtual world, and it is also hard to get things done when you spend time scrolling through feeds. Here are a few healthy tips…

  1. Set screen time limits on your phone by looking at how often you are on it daily.
  2. Set a time where you will put your phone down for the night.
  3. Remove the notifications from your phone that let you know irrelevant information.
  4. Pay attention to the people you accept- a possible boundary here would be: if you do not know them, don’t not allow them to see your information.
  5. Do not accept people that have caused you drama or you consider a negative relationship.
  6. Keep in mind anything you post is available in cyberspace.*
    *(This can follow you when you apply for colleges and look for a job)

It is important to remember how being connected affects your mood. Are you happy after you are on social media? Do you feel defeated, sad, and emotionally unavailable? Setting limits is important when identifying if this is a source of stress. Try some of these tips, and also remember we are here to help!

We are always here for you. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment to make a change today! Or sign up for one of our group programs.

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